Pau Bofill i Soliguer


Professor at the Escola Politècnica de Telecomunciació (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech), where he teaches computer programming. He has been interested in active learning since 1994 and he has participated in a number of conferences in this field, including ALE and PALE. He was a member of the Humanities, Technology and Society reflection group (at the UPC). He is concerned with the risks of technology and the current economic system, which lead our civilization to exponential growth.

Erik de Graaff, PhD.


Trained as psychologist and holds a PhD in social sciences. He has been working with Problem Based learning (PBL) in Maastricht from 1979 till 1990. After completing his PhD, he joined Delft University where he was appointed as associate professor in the field of educational innovation at the Faculty of Technology Policy and Management. Dr. de Graaff has been a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia in 1995 and several times a guest professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. The collaboration with Aalborg University resulted in an appointment as professor MSO at the department of Development and Planning in 2011. He retired in 2022. Dr. de Graaff is widely recognized as an international expert on PBL. He contributed to knowledge and understanding of higher engineering education with numerous publications and through active participation in professional organizations like SEFI, IGIP, IFEES and ALE. He has published over 200 articles and papers and he has presented more than 70 keynotes and invited lectures on various topics related to PBL in higher education, like: Working with PBL, Management of change, Assessment and evaluation, Methods of applied research and Collaboration between university and industry. From 2008 untill 2017 he was Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Engineering Education.

Aida Guerra


Vice-director of Aalborg Centre for PBL in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO and associate professor within the field of Problem-Based, Project-Organised Learning (PBL) and Engineering Education for Sustainable Development at the Department of Planning (Aalborg University, Denmark) and the Institute of Advanced Studies in PBL (Aalborg University, Denmark). She is trained in Biology and Geology Education (B.Sc.), Science Education, PBL and Sustainability (M.Sc.), and holds a PhD degree in PBL and Education for Sustainable Development in Science and Engineering Education. Dr Aida Guerra has been developing and doing research in the areas of curriculum development, continuing pedagogical development, engineering education for sustainable development, PBL, engineering global challenges, and competences for 21st century. Her current research focus is on PBL and the integration of sustainability in higher education, specifically in engineering education; student agency towards sustainability; staff readiness for change, and competences for sustainable development. She has published several articles, conference papers and has been given several international presentations and workshops within these fields all over the world. Dr Aida Guerra is also an active member of engineering education organisations, namely the governing board of REEN (Research in Engineering Education Network) and SEFI-Sustainability Interest Group.